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Excel Formulas (Pt 1)

  • MLD Solutions Inc. 210-379 Dundas Street London, ON (map)

Excel is one of the most widely used tools – known for its ability to manage large amounts of text and numerical data with ease. Keep lists of information, subtotal groups of numbers, pivot data for analysis and decision-making, or chart information to illustrate your data.

Most users have a basic understanding of the software. With a few simple tips and tricks you can use Excel with more efficiency and power. Learn about the hidden strategies that will save you lots of time, ensure consistency and also ensure that your numbers and calculations are correct.

Correct calculations and the ability to represent the data – powerful reasons to use Excel!

Go beyond the basic sums and learn how to create more complex formulas. What is the difference between relative and absolute cell references? Why do my numbers not add up? Why is it telling me I have a circular reference? In this course, you will learn about built-in formulas such as average, round, date, time, and more.

What's Included:

* Small 6-10 person class size
* Refreshments
* Acknowledgement of course completion
* Networking opportunity with other professionals
* Discounts on future MLD Solutions training sessions

Prerequisite: This is a beginner's course. There are no prerequisites to participate.

NOTE: Laptops are available upon request. To borrow a laptop for the session, please select the “Laptop Needed” ticket.