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Publisher Basics

Publisher is good for creating brochures, flyers, booklets, name tags, and more. See how it differs from Word and why it is sometimes a better option for creating some types of documents. Learn how to manipulate those placeholders. We will touch on tips to quickly assemble your publications with minimal fuss.

Publisher Advanced

Learn how to create and manage a variety of publication formats such as booklets, and brochures. Create and manage master pages. Add page numbers, link text boxes to flow text, align boxes quickly and easily, insert drop caps, use guides, grids, nudging and other tricks.

Prerequisite: You should be fairly comfortable with most basic features of Publisher. If you are fairly new to Publisher you should consider the 3 hour Publisher Basics course first.

Publisher Managing Images

Although this session uses Publisher as the application, the skills learned can be applied to a number of Office applications. Also, images generated in Publisher can be saved in a generic image format and used in other applications. Use shapes to create diagrams, manipulate photos, and use multiple images to compose your own image.