Outlook is used every day by many – known for its ability to manage your communications, appointments, contacts and more. It is known as a Personal Manager  System (PMS).

Most users have a basic understanding of the software. With a few simple tips and tricks you can use Outlook with more efficiency and power. Learn about the hidden strategies that will save you lots of time, ensure consistency and also ensure that your communications and daily events are well organized.

Upcoming Sessions

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Outlook Managing Emails & Efficiency
Mon, 20 February 2017 - 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

Outlook Managing Emails & Efficiency

Get a handle on the messages flowing in and out of your Outlook. Customize your Outlook, understand and manage the many mailboxes, and organize with folders, flags and reminders. Learn how to attach files and manage those attachments. Find those missing messages! This session does not include the other features in Outlook such as Calendars and Contacts.

Outlook Calendars, Contacts, & Tasks

Learn how to manage your calendars, contacts and tasks. Set up appointments, invite attendees, manage reminders, etc. Add contacts from emails, view contacts in a variety of ways, send a vcard. Use the task features effectively and manage those flagged messages.