Where did you put those meeting minutes, emails, whiteboard scribbles, etc. etc. etc.? Does this sound familiar - You take notes to keep track of your thoughts but you can't keep track of where the notes are? Or you have notes in multiple locations and scramble to keep them all together.

Envision an electronic notebook where you take notes, jot down things to remember, capture photos or audio notes, link spreadsheets, download meeting details to which you can then add meeting notes, etc.

OneNote can organize your notes, images, lists, recordings, etc. all in one place.

OneNote is a highly effective application that runs and syncs on multiple platforms including OneDrive and network drives. Projects can range from a personal shopping list to a group project involving multiple people tracking diverse pieces of a project. OneNote also integrates with other Microsoft applications.

Upcoming Sessions

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Note taking for the 21st Century
Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 – 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Note taking for the 21st Century

This session includes:

  • Organizing your documents
  • Formatting, Emailing and Typing text anywhere
  • Creating Tags to stay organized
  • Inserting special items - screenshots, spreadsheets, photos, audio, etc.
  • Syncing and Sharing