What is Mozaik.Global?

Mozaik.Global is an innovative platform that enables anyone (yes anyone) to create, distribute and sell interactive multi-media digital content. A tool that takes content to a whole new level.

Who is “ANYONE”?

  • INDIVIDUALS AND COMMUNITIES wishing to bring their stories to life to raise funds and build awareness

  • BUSINESSES wanting to create their own engaging content to better understand and dialogue with their clients,      prospects and employees

  • EDUCATORS keen on developing exciting, interactive lessons with built-in assessments

  • RESEARCHERS in need of data and interested in sharing their discoveries

  • ANYONE who wants to create content

  • ANYONE who wants to consume content

How does Mozaik.Global work?

In Mozaik.Global, anyone (individually or collaboratively) can create a Mozaik (i.e. interactive multi-media digital content). They can then share their Mozaik for free and/or sell their Mozaik.

Anyone can consume a Mozaik. They can do this by reading free Mozaiks, purchasing Mozaiks, and/or receiving Mozaiks from a friend, teacher, employer, business - anyone!

Why will EVERYONE want Mozaik.Global?

The Mozaiks created in Mozaik.Global are effective for: lead generation, marketing, eLearning, training and assessments, entertainment and storytelling.

Can I use Mozaik.Global today?

Mozaik.Global is in the developing phase and will be avaliable soon.

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