Full Webinars List

Introduction to Dynamics 365

This session provides a quick overview of how to move around Dynamics 365 and start entering data. Join us in learning the basics of accounts, contacts and activities and how they are all related.

Advanced Find and Views

Now that you have data in the system, learn how to find the information that you’ve entered. The Advanced Find tool is an extensive and extremely powerful tool that allows you to drill through your information and gather exactly what you’re looking for with the least amount of effort. This session will cover how to effectively utilize and maximize the Advanced Find tool. Once you have the results, you will be shown how to save your work as a View.

Using Excel for Bulk Updating

It is often easier to work in Excel offline rather than updating one entity at a time and saving as you go. The import and export functionality allows you to review and keep records of what is imported and what is not, giving you the freedom to remove imported information at any time. Dynamics 365’s exporting and importing capabilities will help you efficiently update the data in your CRM while utilizing the reporting capabilities of Excel to display the data pulled.

Synching your CRM with Outlook

There are two basic ways of synchronizing your CRM information with your Outlook. In this session, you will see how both are accomplished and the benefits of the different methods.

Working with Marketing Lists and Quick Campaigns to Increase Sales

This session covers the benefits of using marketing lists and quick campaigns within Dynamics 365. It will start with explaining the two types of marketing lists - static and dynamic. Then you will be shown how to use them to communicate with your customers in a Quick Campaign.

Managing the Sales Cycle

Looking for a way to take advantage of Dynamics 365 in a way that is truly unique? This session covers how the Dynamics 365 Sales Cycle is set up and how you can use it to your advantage. The Sales Cycle is a pre-determined process that allows the users to step through the stages of a sale, ensuring that a step has not been forgotten. The Sales Cycle can be customized to your needs and structured to fit your business. This session is a basic outline of the Sales Cycle and will help you understand the inner workings of the CRM as a whole.

Creating Word Documents directly from Dynamics 365

A recent update to Dynamics 365 now gives you the ability to create documents directly from the record that you are viewing within the CRM.  The benefits of such a function are efficiency and consistency. With a click of the mouse, you have all of the record details included in your document, formatted exactly as you require.

Working with Service Cases

Whether you are dealing with customer service issues or tasks that need to be performed for a client, cases are a way of managing these activities. In this session, you will see how you can create a case and the steps to take it through the various stages until it’s resolved or completed.

Finding Duplicates within Accounts and Contacts

When multiple people work in the Dynamics 365 system, the possibility of having duplicated information increases. Find out how you can scan the system to find the duplicates and how to deal with them.