What happens when you mix a group of geeks with a bunch of operational strategists? 
MLD Solutions Inc.

It all started in 1989 with a request to teach WordPerfect 4.2.

Since teaching that first class at St. Clair College, our journey to enable people with technology has guided us through many changes in the digital world.

Our goal has always remained constant – helping people and businesses to make good decisions based on data using technology.

MLD Solutions is more than just a technology company; we offer real value to our customers who need effective customer engagement and control, and good business value. We are proud to provide our customers with ways to make sound business decisions and manage their costs while making them more productive and prepared for growth.

MLD Solutions continues to fulfill the promise to deliver real business value by guiding our clients through the maze and deliver quality and scalable productivity solutions.


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Company Values

Be holistic - consider the ecosystem - build for the organization and not just the pain point

Be caring - provide the best customer service possible - provide the best possible work environment (free lunches - yay!)

Be innovative - embrace change - continuous learning - be on the edge

Be quirky and creative - imagination - fresh perspectives - month end adventures - celebrate!

Value Proposition

For small to medium sized businesses who need to make business decisions based on real-time data and analytics. Our products and services (which include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, EDGE4, custom application development, data analytics and training) provide user-friendly applications to manage data and enable smart decision-making. These are supported with relevant training and responsive customer service. Unlike other non-integrated applications that do not provide real-time data and analysis, we provide well-rounded, integrated solutions with full support. Our goal is to enable success through good data management, relevant data analysis and a caring support team.


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Simple, effective solutions to your complex business needs; a wide range of Services and Products which can directly contribute to your business success.